Fqhc Sample Referral Agreement

According to CODE PIN 2014-02, discounts for sliding charges must apply to all services as part of the approved project of a fixed health care centre. This rule applies, whether it is a necessary or additional type of service or the way the service is provided. It is your responsibility to ensure that discounts are offered by all service providers listed in Column III. The OSV examiner will review your level of benefits (form 5A) to see what service you provide by contract or in writing. Next, the auditor will want to review these contracts and recommendation agreements to see if they meet the program requirements. The services include one of the five elements that define the scope of QQCs and CCCs. While services may vary from one health centre site to another, all clients must have access to inclusive services, regardless of their ability to pay. Sections 330 (a) and h) (2) of the PHS Act stipulate that the health centre must provide all necessary primary, preventive, health and complementary services where appropriate and necessary, either directly or through written agreements and referrals. Operating a successful Federally Qualified Health Centre (FQHC) requires an efficient structural organization. It also requires a thorough understanding of the treaties that are the framework of the FQHC. QQHCs can increase their efficiency and overall compliance by ensuring that they not only have the right contracts, but also use the most effective language in these contracts.

This presentation will provide an overview of key requirements related to FQHC agreements, including benchmark agreements, professional services agreements and grant agreements, and will help maximize compliance and success. If you have marked a service in Column III, an agreement, MOA or formal agreement should at least describe how the transfer is carried out and managed and the process of referring patients to the Centre for appropriate follow-up. (As you review your written recommendation agreements, it`s not a bad idea to take a look at your follow-up and recommendation policies and procedures to make sure they reflect what you`re actually doing and what you`re describing in your agreements.) If your contractual or referral agreements have changed, do you need to change your scope? They should focus on compliance on preparing for an on-site visit. The best way to prepare for a compliance audit is to ask the questions in the health centre`s tour guide. For example, if your health centre has changed levels, has your Form 5A been updated? Do the services you offer comply with the services listed on your Form 5A? Have your recommendation agreements at the health centre been documented by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or an agreement (“MOA”)? Are your centre`s MOUs and MOAs up to date and reflect all relevant changes? Where the health centre receives Section 330 (h) funding/designation for the homeless and their families, drug abuse services must be provided either directly and/or through formal written agreements or in writing.