Agreement Format For Diesel Supply

If you need or need to supply a large amount of fuel, you can use a fuel supply agreement. Whether you`re a farmer, operating an equipment rental, providing fuel, and about to sign a new customer, a fuel supply contract can help you sketch out the terms of your relationship – when, where, how and how much. Under a fuel supply contract, a buyer agrees to purchase fuel from a supplier for its end use and the supplier undertakes to supply the fuel in accordance with the terms set out in the agreement. If both parties sign the fuel supply contract, it is established that the buyer relies on the supplier to provide the required quantity of its fuel supply at competitive prices. Other names in this document: Fuel supply contract Established as part of the sectoral reform as a model agreement for a Southeast Asian country. Provisions the repetition of which might not be desirable or which might require further reflection: include any additional provisions which might be appropriate to include in a series of model documents including: circumstances in which this contract may be appropriate: experience gained since the entry into force (including possible amendments) or where the draft form has been applied: the agreement defines the conditions under which the fuel supplier must supply fuel to the point of delivery of the installation. For use in combination with a AAA….