Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement

A “Brownfield site” according to the Florida statutes (376.79, F.S.) is “real estate whose extension, rehabilitation or reuse can be made difficult by real or perceived pollution”. A “brownfield area” means an “area contiguous to one or more Brownfield sites, some of which may or may not be contaminated, and which has been designated by decision by a local government”. Brownfield zones may include all municipal rehabilitation zones, business zones, empowerment zones, other municipalities and economically disadvantaged areas, as well as Brownfield pilot projects designated by the Environmental Protection Agency. A site does not need to be contaminated for a municipality to designate it as a Brownfield area. However, if a site is contaminated, the person responsible for the remediation of the Brownfield sites may complete a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement (SRO) with Broward County. The OSRA is the legal way to do a number of things, including the appropriateness of the location of voluntary clean-up tax credits, subjecting the technical aspects of cleaning up contamination to the requirements of Chapter 62-785, Florida Administrative Code, and making certain liability protection provisions available. An ILB can also be performed to claim voluntary tax credits for cleaning up related to solid waste removal. Voluntary sanitation tax credits are applied to the Florida Corporate Income Tax and, each year, up to 50% of the costs incurred for eligible renovation or waste disposal work. Additional credits may be available at the time of issuance of a finalization contract for the renovation of the site or when it is affordable housing. If you have any questions about this program, please call (813) 627-2600 to request an interview with the Brownfields Coordinator.

The eviction of Brownfield Areas is the responsibility of the local government. To designate an area, please contact the following people: A Brownfield is real estate whose extension, rehabilitation or reuse may be made difficult by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or pollutant. The rehabilitation and reinvestment of these properties increases the local tax base, facilitates job growth, uses existing infrastructure, relieves unbuilt and open land and improves and protects the environment. Effective June 15, 2004, the Environmental Protection Commission was responsible for the management of the Brownfields program in Hillsborough County. EPC has participated in the Brownfields program as an interested party and has the expertise and resources to successfully manage the program in Hillsborough County. FDEP and EPC believe that approval of the local program for negotiating site rehabilitation agreements and monitoring brownfields environmental rehabilitation will facilitate the expansion of the program within the county. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact the Department of Environmental Technologies and Permissions: 954-519-1483. Broward County was given the power by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to manage the Brownfield Redevelopment Program. The objective of the Brownfield program is to promote the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of industrial or commercial real estate contaminated for the environment or potentially contaminated, abandoned, closed or under-exploited. As of May 1, 2020, there will be 41 Brownfield Designated Areas in Broward County, which consist of approximately 6,986 Acres (10.9 square miles) . .