Previous Agreements

The Ukrainian president`s office said Ukraine, France and Germany were ready to do everything possible to implement the Paris agreements, while Russia took a break. [1] The parties must allow the free movement of all shipments of medicines and medical aid, vital foodstuffs and clothing intended exclusively for the civilian population of the other party. it is important to ensure that shipments are not distracted from their destination. It has been reported that the last meeting of the leaders of the Normandy format took place on 9 December 2019 in Paris. On 3 July, discussions were held in Berlin at the level of political advisors with the heads of state and government of the Normandy countries. . [1] Hospitals and other medical units, including medical transport, cannot be attacked under any circumstances and must be respected and protected at all times. They should not be used to protect combatants, military targets or operations from attack. . [2] The parties remove any abuse of the emblem and any harm to persons or property under its protection.

. Hostilities take place in accordance with Articles 35-42 and Articles 48-58 of Additional Protocol I and the Protocol on the Prohibition or Limitation of The Use of Mines: Traps and Other Devices Attached to the 1980 Convention on Firearms. Dr. Jean-Claude Mulli, Deputy Head of the Department of Medicine Mr Francis Amar, Deputy Delegate for Europe Mr D. Kalinic, representing Mr Radovan Karadzic President of the Serbian Democratic Party . [2] Protection cannot stop unless it is used to commit military acts. However, protection can only be interrupted after an appropriate recall and a reasonable period of time for the cessation of military activities. . Mr. N.

Mitrovic, Minister of Health, of the Republic of Serbia, the parties agreed to establish a joint commission for the detection of missing persons; The joint committee will be made up of representatives of the parties concerned, all the Red Cross organisations involved, including the Yugoslav Red Cross, the Croatian Red Cross and the Serbian Red Cross, with the icrc`s participation. [2] The application of the above provisions does not affect the legal status of the parties to the conflict. The parties agree that, without prejudice to the legal status of the parties to the conflict or the international law of armed conflict, they will apply the following rules: [1] Civilians who are in power of the opposite party and who are deprived of liberty for reasons related to the armed conflict benefit from the rules of disability of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949 (Articles 79-149).