Mating Agreement

You should also ensure that your dog`s kennel Club registration does not contain any breeding restrictions or mentions. If there is, you should discuss it with the person whose dog you received before mating, as any restrictions or breeding mentions must be removed before the registration of a litter can take place. In most cases, it will be the breeder who has put the restriction, and they will therefore be the person authorized to remove it. As a homeowner, there are certain key roles you should play to ensure that mating goes smoothly, including: Using your dog on a that is not well coordinated can impact the puppies produced and your dog`s reputation. It is your responsibility to ensure that mating between the two dogs is justified and that mating is beneficial to the breed. Simply put, inbreeding is the mating of related individuals – those individuals with common ancestors. A high level of inbreeding can affect the health of individual dogs, as it increases the likelihood that a dog will be exposed to known and unknown hereditary diseases. It could also affect the breed as a whole, for example. B a reduction in throw size and fertility. Before breeding a dog or, we recommend that breeders consider whether there are any possible hereditary conditions that can affect the breed. Coverage can spawn many puppies and it is therefore important that they are healthy and completely healthy in order to reduce the risk of transmitting health problems to future generations. Egg-laying owners can check the health tests applicable to their breed by referring to our A to Z breeds or by inquiring with their local breeding association.

It is advisable to talk to your dog`s breeder before mating to see if there are any health issues in your dog`s family tree. There are currently several health systems that help prevent or combat certain diseases. These tests include DNA tests that give a definitive answer to each dog`s condition. If these systems exist, we strongly recommend that the father and dam be tested. In the case of a DNA test, we recommend that at least one parent has been clearly tested for their condition. Read more breeding tips for mating DNA-tested dogs. Our online inbreeding coefficient calculators can also be used to help you avoid mating two relatives. If you have not yet paired your dog, seek advice from experienced roof owners to find out what awaits you before, during and after mating. If you are using your dog for the first time on the stud farm, it may be advantageous to mate him with an experienced dog. Before mating, it is important that a detailed written contract is concluded and signed in order to avoid future confusion.

Make sure a copy of your signed contracts is deposited in a safe place. The conditions of a mating are not the responsibility of The Kennel Club. It is therefore advisable to agree, by mutual agreement between the owner of the dog and the owner of the, possible breeding conditions or stud rights before mating. If a dog has not been used before on the stud farm, the owner can usually collect a small fee that covers at least the costs….