State of Ohio Minor Wage Agreement

The state of Ohio has recently made changes to its minor wage agreement, affecting employers who hire minors across the state. The new legislation has been put in place to protect minors from exploitation and ensure that they are paid fairly for their work.

Under the new law, the minimum wage for minors in Ohio has been increased to $8.70 per hour. This wage applies to any employee under the age of 16 who works for an employer with annual gross receipts of $314,000 or more. For those employed by employers with annual gross receipts of less than $314,000, the minimum wage for minors is $7.25 per hour.

The law also sets limits on the number of hours that minors can work. During the school year, minors may work a maximum of 18 hours per week, while during the summer months, they may work up to 40 hours per week. Additionally, minors are not allowed to work during school hours and must have at least a 30-minute break if they work more than five consecutive hours.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Labor and Worker Safety will oversee these new laws, ensuring that employers abide by the rules. Employers who violate the laws could face fines and even criminal charges.

The new legislation in Ohio is a step towards protecting minors from being exploited in the workplace. It ensures that they receive fair wages and reasonable working hours, allowing them to focus on their education and personal development.

As an employer, it is important to review the new minor wage agreement laws in Ohio and ensure that you are in compliance. It is vital that you do not exploit minors in your workplace and provide them with the working rights they are entitled to.

In conclusion, the state of Ohio’s minor wage agreement has been updated to ensure that minors are not exploited in the workplace and are paid fairly for their work. As an employer, it is crucial to review and follow these new laws to protect yourself from legal action and ensure that you are providing a safe and fair working environment for all your employees.